Science & Technology

As this website update develops we will add the current activities of these Groups and Committees.



SMART’s Programs 

Are facilitated by the two main categories of participation, S & T Governance and S & T Execution and managed via SMARTs 15 Focus Groups.

Current Programs are being conducted on the below-listed topics; further information is being compiled for inclusion in the Groups page.

  • International
  • Veterans Affairs
  • The National Opioid crisis
  • American Farmers Network
  • Information Technology
  • Homeland Security/Cyber
  • Among others

S & T Governance:

  • Congressional Caucus (Bi-Partisan)
  • Federal Executive Branch (Washington DC Headquarters)
  • International Allies
  • State/Local Government (Bi-Partisan)


 S & T Execution (SMART Tech Community)

  • Academia
  • Businesses
  • Government Labs/Field Agencies
  • Professional Associations