SMART Joint Group Program

Emergency Management Rapid Reaction & Recovery (EM R3)

EM R3 Program Global Supplier Membership Application

 Concepts/Background: Given the current supply issues due to the global pandemic that both public and private entities are experiencing with Emergency Management and Medical products or services; the SMART EM R3 Program has added a Global Supplier Membership component to their program.  Memberships shall be offered to individuals/and or companies wishing to supply the EM R3 Program with any product or service. Further EM R3 program details can be obtained from Brian Hakan, EM R3 Business Development Director and Acquisition Deputy Director at [email protected]

Note that SMART was formally started in April 1999 and the EM R3 program has a very long history of supporting rapid reactions and recoveries for multiple global man-made and natural disasters. For further historic information contact Robert Carullo at [email protected]

Annual fee: $5,000.00.

Below applications are sent to the SMART Executive Director; invoices available upon request. The SMART website is being updated with direct merchant capability, available in late June.

Target: Anyone soliciting SMART to sell various products including PPE. We can also allow them to buy from our verified product listing(s).

Benefits of Membership:

The intention of the Global Supplier membership is to provide:

– EM R3 program access we can facilitate with our public and private contacts.

— One-time fee.

– Participation in various working events & annual Procurement Conference.

— See

– $1,000 general membership level in SMART for 2 years.

Note: Joining the EM R3 Global Supplier Program does not guarantee a contract or business with SMART, the Government or our customers.

Application Process:

Copy and complete data for Steps 1 & 2 and e-mail to SMART Executive Director Robert Carullo at [email protected]

We will follow up with steps 3, 4 & 5.

Step 1: Membership data:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Name of company
  • Vertical industry
  • Company address
  • How long in business
  • Work phone number
  • Cell number
  • Email address

Step 2: Complete below credit card information; you have the option to call 609-304-2904. We will complete a credit card transaction for $5,000.00

  1. Card Type (AMEX, VISA, etc):
  2. Full Name on Card:
  3. Account Number:
  4. Expiration Date:
  5. Security Code:
  6. Billing Address:

Step 3: Application review.

Step 4: Background check. Note: In the unlikely event of a negative report we will return 92% of the fee.

Step 5: Process complete; vendor receives notice they are activated as members.