Joint Group Efforts

Drive Around the World

“Supporting Veterans’ Unfunded Health Care”

Program Summary: Drive Around the World (DAW) is a SMART joint-group program led by our Veterans, STEM Education/Workforce Development, & International Groups. The Mission is providing an integrated, global platform for participating countries to conduct annual Drives across their country with these two major goals:

  • Maintain a global network of leaders in the automotive and motorsports industries to promote STEM Educ/Workforce Development for their related industries
    • Led by Virginia Tech (VT) Alumni and the US Department of Education.
  • Conduct a global charity program to benefit Veterans’ Unfunded Health Care local projects in each participating country
    • Led by Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #1068.

Other Tech Topics: Other SMART Groups are led by the Energy Group with Electric Vehicles and the Transportation Group, addressing Aerospace Workforce synergy with automotive/motorsports and Infrastructure topics.  The IT Group will provide digital documentation of the Drives to promote the program mission and goals, support the finish ceremonies in each Country, support an Annual Awards Ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and support the program as an annual series of global events. Topical reports will be available for industry, government, and academia.

Honorary Co-Hosts: Honorary (Gov’t) and Celebrity Co-Host requests are in process.

Funding will rely upon private sources; government roles are primarily endorsements.

DAW, US Laps 1 and 2: Planning is in process for a US Lap 1 with Gordon Bryon, VT Alumni; driving West from Wildwood NJ on August 23, 2019, to San Diego CA. The route will connect and showcase the many VT Alumni leaders in the automotive and motorsports industries and provide a charity benefit for local Veterans Unfunded Health Care projects at each stop. US Lap 2, led by Rob Mazzuca, EFI Enterprises, will be a “Cannonball Run” type competition to return from San Diego to Wildwood. This Lap will further support the DAW’s Drive Around the World (DAW) Program SummaryDrive Around the World (DAW) Program SummaryVeterans & STEM Education/Workforce Development efforts.

International Laps: The International Group is facilitating Laps in participating Countries to support their Veterans and STEM Education/Workforce Development. We have held discussions with Romania, Greece, Italy, West Africa, Ireland & several Caribbean Nations.

We Welcome All as we prepare for the 1st Annual DAW International Awards Dinner on Capitol Hill in Washington DC; one year after the 1st Drive.  For Further Information:

Program Manager   Robert Carullo     [email protected]                   609-304-2904

Dep PM, Founder    Gordon Bryan       [email protected]                        484-802-4063

Dep PM, Planning   Robert Mazzuca   [email protected]     856-669-4382

International           Victor Webb          [email protected]                   212-684-6601

Business Devel.       Andrew Adams     [email protected]                          267-688-5880

Our powerpoint presentation can be found here.